Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Choice is clear - it's either Progressives or Conservatives

Like George Bush, Stephen Harper (and his pal Stockwell Day) is a fundamentalist christian. The question then becomes clear: can Canada afford a prime minister who takes his orders directly from Jesus? Of course, Harper knows that only 20% of Canadians (compared with 60% of Americans) take religion seriously; so you won't ever hear him admit that (unlike Bush).

Until Harper's right wing Conservative Party was cobbled together (largely as a result of the treachery of Peter Mackay, then leader of the Progressive Conservative Party), the Canadian political right was divided and left government by default to the Liberals.

This is something all progressive Canadians should remember and ignore at their extreme peril. The Canadian political centre and left wing is now occupied by three national and one provincial party. In any election, progressive votes will float among these parties. If enough of them do that, the Conservatives will win by default.

The choice for progressive Canadians is clear then: If they want to stop Harper from imposing his extreme right wing agenda on Canada and make it a Republican clone, they must vote strategically. If you want a stable government, you need to vote Liberal, because the NDP and the Green Party will always remain secondary parties, no matter how tempting some of their policies may be. Neither party is quite ready for prime time.


Premier Danny Williams is right: "A majority government for Stephen Harper would be one of the most negative political events in Canadian history".

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