Thursday, 6 November 2008

America Reaches For Excellence

Tuesday's election results demonstrate that a majority (albeit a slim 51%) of Americans have decided to reach for excellence once again after a long period of darkness. Let's hope that Barack Obama will be given the chance to try to implement his vision for a modern compassionate USA. It'll be touch and go though, not only because of the economic disaster left him by Bush and his Republican cronies, but also because of Bush's two ongoing wars which are a severe drain on U.S. resources. Let's not forget that Bush doubled the American national debt in just eight years, and it was enormous even before he took power. Obama's agenda is very ambitious, especially for a country with a population so many of whom are unwilling or unable to face modern reality.

There haven't been many politicians over the years who've inspired as much hope for change as Barack Obama; Roosevelt, the Kennedy brothers, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The forces of mediocrity and stagnation are powerful, and media and public loyalty is very short. Let's keep our fingers crossed! We all need renewal, especially here in Canada.

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