Thursday, 4 December 2008


Given the increasingly divisive campaign by Stephen Harper to save his job rather than do it, the Governor-General today made the only decision she could. Each option she had came with positive and negative aspects. Prorogation was her only option, if she wanted to avoid a nasty constitutional crisis which would not only have threatened the office of Governor-General but our federation itself. Not only had ministers already begun to attack the office of our Head of State (fully knowing that the average Canadian has no idea how the parliamentary system of government works), but were also beginning to call anyone who disagreed with their position "traitors" to Canada.

This attack on our Canadian democratic institutions had become very clear from the lies and distortions of the Neo-Conservative Party's playbook followed faithfully by the usual pit bulls of the party from Alberta and from the survivors of Mike Harris' failed Ontario extreme right-wing government of the nineties. What saddened me is the fact that even Conservative MPs who had until now demonstrated that, despite political partisanship, they were intelligent enough to put the unity of Canada ahead of narrow political gain, allowed themselves to be co-opted by the perversion of democracy which is Harper's aim.

Unfortunately, if you look at Canadian political history, whenever Canadian unity has been threatened, a Conservative prime minister is at the bottom of it going right back to John A. Macdonald. If you don't believe me, you can look it up - Macdonald, Borden, Mulroney and now Harper.

What today we can forgive historical figures, we cannot forgive Stephen Harper. His only goal is political power. His strategy is continual lying, not only last night during his 4 minute 50 second lie, but even this morning when he left Rideau Hall. He does not appear capable of ever telling the truth about anything. I suppose that's part of his fundamentalist religious upbringing.

It's time we were rid of him. It's time the Conservative Party were rid of him. Canada needs the Conservative Party. What it doesn't need is someone at its head who always puts personal gain and power ahead of the welfare of us all

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