Saturday 30 May 2009

Gems from the National Film Board

For some time now, the National film Board of Canada has made many of its films available on its website both for viewing and purchase. I thought I'd put a couple of them on the blog, since the NFB has make embedded player links available for sharing. If you want to explore tha National Film Board website yourself, click here.

Ryan Larkin, 1968, 5 min 6 s
Animator Ryan Larkin uses an artist's sensibility to illustrate the way people walk. He employs a variety of techniques--line drawing, colour wash, etc.--to catch and reproduce the motion of people afoot. The springing gait of youth, the mincing step of the high-heeled female, the doddering amble of the elderly--all are registered with humour and individuality, to the accompaniment of special sound. Without words.

Christopher Hinton, 1991, 5 min 10 s
This animated film about the pesky blackfly is based on the song of the same title, written and sung by Canadian folk singer Wade Hemsworth, with back-up vocals by the McGarrigle sisters. It recounts Hemsworth's battles with this quintessential "critter" during a summer of surveying in Northern Ontario.

There are a few more of these in larger format on my website.