Monday 30 November 2009

Harper Does It Again, on a Canadian Warship no less

I haven't written much here lately, been very busy. I've also been reluctant to write here because I've been a bit depressed about the way our country is being damaged by the Harper neo-Conservatives shaming it on the Afghanistan and Climate Change issues. But Harper's Republican-style attacks on anyone who disagrees with him today on the HMCS Quebec got me really angry. So I posted the little rant below on the CBC website a little while ago. It's gotten quite a reaction so far. Here it is:

Well, Harper, our very own mini-mini Bush has done it again, surprise, surprise! "If you don't agree with me and with my stooges, you're a traitor, you're un-Canadian, you're attacking our soldiers." And, of course, it had to be done on a Canadian warship, not in Parliament.

It's not our soldiers who are being chastised, Stevie. Our soldiers have nothing to be ashamed of, Stevie. They're in Afghanistan putting their lives on the line (which is more than you've ever done). It's you and your minions who've ignored every warning about torture in Afghan prisons (as if warnings were needed - torture has always gone on there, is going on now, and will go on long after our soldiers, and NATO's, have left. It's a way of life that has nothing to do with the Taliban, that's just the way it is). It's you and your minions who have directed our soldiers to hand prisoners over to the Afghans full well knowing what would happen to them, because you're too cheap to run your own detention facilities, or you don't care because after all they're just wogs.

This argument is not about whether the detainees a guilty of anything or innocent, it's about whether Canada is adhering to the rule of law which is to be followed by countries which claim to be democracies.

Shame on you Stephen Harper, you make Canada a smaller place. In everything you've done since 2006, you've been an embarrassment to this country.