Monday, 25 January 2010

About the Incredible Generosity of Many Canadians

Now for something which totally amazes me. Individual Canadians have donated $68 million dollars to the Haiti relief effort so far, which will be matched dollar for dollar be our federal government for a total of $136 million. To get a sense of what that means - it's as if Americans had donated $1.36 billion - it just blows me away (of course, it's still really just $136 million - much, much more will be needed). The 2 one hour telethons the other night (one English, one French) raised $18 million (also to be matched). That $36 million compares to $57 million that George Clooney's telethon raised (so far), both also amazing sums. Let's hope all that money will be put to good use asap.

Of course, it wouldn't be me if I let the above pass without a negative comment. All that money apparently came from less than a million of us. Where are the others? I've even heard comments about why we are giving to Haiti when there are many poor people right here in this country - as if Canada isn't rich enough to look after both! All it takes is political will (in short supply, it seems). There even seems to be some racism at play - Haitians are black, French-speaking, and mostly Catholic. Need I specify what kind of people these remarks are coming from? It's shameful!

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