Wednesday 30 June 2010

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Let's hope Canada gets well soon!

Monday 28 June 2010

About Harper's G8/G20 Fiasco

So we spent $1.5 billion (watch the figure climb to that when the Auditor-General checks into this fiasco) for another Harper ego-trip. Or you can call it evidence of a Harper brain malformation. Everything that happened has happened before, so why should we be surprised? The police acted in their usual amateurish way. Could they not anticipate that protesters, both legitimate and otherwise, would gather somewhere other than at the fence?

It's looks almost as though on Saturday, by doing nothing, they were inviting those who wanted to wreak havoc, to do so, so that on Sunday they themselves could go on a rampage against anyone out and about.

The fact that the meeting of world leaders wasn't that important even to the participants is exemplified by the video clip of the Chancellor of Germany and the Prime Minister of Great Britain spending Sunday morning watching the Germany-England soccer game (which WAS important)!

I monitored the international media over the week-end to see what they'd say about the two meetings and the results. Poor Stephen Harper! His name wasn't mentioned even once. The only time the name Canada was heard, was when some commentator said the G20 meeting was taking place in Toronto, Canada (I guess to make sure people didn't think Toronto was in Italy). Gives you an inkling of how far Canada has fallen in world stature during the past few years.

Oh yes, and then there's Canada's media. All the commentators are now saying the voices of the protesters were not heard. Tell me, could that be because the CBC and CTV were spending all those hours pontificating about the riots and showing the burning police cars over and over for 48 hours non-stop? (Well, at least we were spared the 200th repeat of the CBC's favourite Princess Di gossip documentary!)

So, was it all worth it? Is the question even worth asking?