Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our New Governor-General: Harper Makes His First Ever Intelligent Decision

Well, I have to say I'm absolutely astounded. This is the first time I've agreed with anything Harper has said or done since I've followed his less than stellar career in federal politics during the past 20 years.

David Johnston is an excellent choice as Governor-General! An eminent scholar well-versed in Canadian constitutional law, he would not be easily dismissed if he had to stand up to Harper on a constitutional issue such as prorogation. We must never forget that if Michaelle Jean had not agreed to prorogation, Harper would not only have attacked her personally, but also her office, and thus would have provoked a constitutional crisis from which we might not have recovered as a united country.

With David Johnston's background and with him being his own choice, Harper will have a much harder time undermining Canadian democratic institutions. The Governor-General has specific powers under our constitution which he (or she) must and will, if necessary, exercise to control any potential excesses by the executive branch of government (the prime minister). In the past, our governors-general have risen to the challenge, and I have no doubt Dr. Johnston will as well.

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