Monday, 26 July 2010

Leaking the Afghan Documents & National Security

Since absolutely everything that happens has national security implications to the neo-con mini-minds, it's not a surprise that they'd now claim our soldiers are at risk because of the release of these historical documents. In fact, they don't do much more than reinforce what anyone with any military experience knows full well, namely that we are losing this war because of lack of resources and political will.

Afghanistan is a guerrilla war, not a conventional war. 150,000 soldiers operating in a hostile country with a totally corrupt government and an ineffective and corrupt local security organization will never "win", regardless of how long we stay there. 500,000 might. On the other hand, it would be a lot cheaper in lives and dollars, if we just paid to re-settle those Afghans who are in danger because of co-operating with us and also those who just want to get out.

There's no sense fooling ourselves, Alexander the Great couldn't subdue Afghanistan 2300 rears ago, the Brits couldn't do it 125 years ago, the Russians couldn't 30 years ago and the Americans don't have a military record that's any better. The guerrilla fighters (regardless of what name you want to give them) have the same mindset now as they did 2300 years. The difference is that today they have modern weapons. And who originally gave them those and trained them starting in the 1980's?

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