Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More on Tony Clement's Census Debacle

Today, someone in Tony Clement's office blinked on the Census mess. First, Tony announced the obvious response to the neo-cons' supposed problem with the jail threat in case of a non-return of the mandatory census forms (you'd think with their "law & order" fixation they'd love throwing people in jail). Then, he moved questions about language from the long form to the short form which will remain mandatory.

So, by shifting the language questions to the mandatory short form, poor Tony Clement has agreed that voluntary forms do not produce valid statistical data. Otherwise, why would he have shifted the questions? Is there no one on Clement's staff who's intelligent enough to see that?

Clement was a disgrace under the Harris neo-cons in Ontario 10 years ago, and he's still a disgrace in the Harpocrisy government of today. Get thee to a nunnery, Tony! (with my apologies to William Shakespeare)

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