Wednesday 15 September 2010

About Harper's New Fighter Planes

So here we have the Minister in charge of destroying the Census and the Ministress in charge of buying paper clips for the Neo-Cons telling us why we need new fighter planes!

In 1959, Diefenbaker (remember him?) destroyed the Canadian Avro Arrow and the Canadian aircraft industry because "we don't need fighter planes to defend us against the Soviets. We need American nuclear-tipped rockets". Today, we have the same clowns telling us we need new American fighter planes, because those same Russian bombers are still flying close to Canadian airspace. Some of their commentators are even still referring to Russia as the Soviet Union.

As a retired senior Canadian military intelligence officer, it makes me sad beyond belief to see the depth of incompetence and mental dishonesty so many of our politicians and political commentators have sunk to. Do we really need to imitate the Americans in everything, including bigotry and stupidity? Is that why I was supposed to be ready to lay my life on the line?