Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Harper again: Prisoners should pay more for their incarceration

This is the latest of Harper's brain waves to keep his Reform Alliance cretins in line.

The vote on Power & Politics to the question: "Should prisoners pay more for their incarceration?" was 26% Yes, 71% No, 3% Not Sure. 26% is roughly the permanent jackass total on most questions in Canada, whether it's hard-core separatism in Quebec or loyal right-wing toryism.

My comment this time was: "Another typical Harper stunt to cause distraction from the real issues. The only way I'd support this kind of nonsense would be if all Tory MPs were housed in the Kingston Pen (after all Kingston is the Tories' historical shrine), double-bunked of course."

The result so far: Thumbs Up - 145, Down - 8

There's hope for Canada yet! ;-)

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