Monday, 20 October 2008

Just in case I haven't made myself clear...

Just in case I haven't made my feelings perfectly clear, this is the most despicable politician in Canada today.

I've been following Canadian politics closely for about 50 years now, ever since I started studying political science at McGill University. Stephen Harper has been the only politician in all that time who makes me want to vomit every time I see him or hear his voice. I've disagreed with quite a few of our so-called leaders, but no one, not even Brian Mulroney, has evoked the same reaction in me. I have to think of American politicians to think of someone similar.

That's not really surprising. Harper gets all his social, economic and political ideas from the Republican Party. It's obvious he has no original ideas of his own. His idea of political discourse is character assassination and policy misrepresentation, something not seen in this country before (at least not on this scale).

It's despicable, there's no other word for it. Anyone whose principal aim is to mislead unsophisticated voters in order to gain power is despicable. It was despicable when Hitler did it; it was despicable when de Gaulle did it; it was despicable when Thatcher did it; it's despicable when McCain does it; and it's despicable when Putin does it (come to think of it he just orders those who disagree with him imprisoned or killed).

Have I made my feelings clear?

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