Monday, 5 March 2012

More About the Tory Robocall Scandal

Earlier today, on "Power and Politics", Dean del Mastro, Harper's latest Parliamentary Secretary, made the Tories look even worse than usual with the latest round of asinine robocall excuses.

I posted a comment online in answer to today's Ballot Box Question about who's behind the federal election scandal. This is it:

"Whenever I listen to (Dean) del Mastro on PnP (Power & Politics), I'm constantly being subjected to alternating ROFLMAO and vomiting. This guy is even worse than Harper's former disinformation assistant, Pierre Poilievre.

Thankfully he's only believable to the currently 39% neo-con believers, and I would be willing to bet at least some of these neolithic thinkers are now beginning to wake up and smell the (fill in your preferred smell here). Oh Canada!

So far, I've received 109 thumbs up to 3 thumbs down for this comment (my highest positive score yet)! Obviously this latest Tory dirty trick and attempt to undermine Canadian democracy is really resonating with Canadians. What's happened to Harper's machinery, they used to be so good at undermining everyone when they only had a minority? Ever since they got their sort-of majority, they've continually been shooting themselves in the foot. Yay!!

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