Monday, 11 January 2010

Now Tony Clement adds his thoughts to the neo-conservatives' prorogation debacle

Today, 100 academics condemned Harper as being anti-democratic for proroguing parliament. Neo-Conservative MP Tony Clement, echoing his boss' opinion of anyone disagreeing with him, reacted by calling the critics "elitist", the favourite term of right-wing "thinkers" north and south of the border.

If being educated, cultured, being able to read, being able to write coherently, makes a person a member of the "elite" that the neo-Conservatives are always making such a fuss about, then consider me elitist. On the other hand, when two-thirds of Canadians despise Harper and his minions, then we can't really talk about being elitist, just being the majority.

I remember Tony Clement very well from the time I lived in Toronto during Mike Harris' attempt to undermine Ontario's economic and social structure. Clement was a neo-Conservative even then. He used to be the Conservative mouth piece on the local CBC Evening News political panel. He was known as the stupid pretty boy, no brains, just looks - a sort of early Britney Spears type.

Well, Tony, the looks are gone, the brain is still missing. Oh, Canada!

As ye sow, Steve, so shall ye reap:

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